Bass Design Fundamentals- Design your own Bass Guitar!


Bass Design Fundamentals

This is something dedicated to those of you who are passionate about bass building. I´m planning release of Bass Design Course this year, (next Bass Building course is planned for late 2010).


UPDATE! – 12 October 2010

Please check out this new info for Bass Guitar Designer´s Toolkit this is official web page for this new product from Electric Bass Secrets website (


UPDATE! – 16 June 2010

Please check out this new post Bass Guitar Designer´s Toolkit you will find more updated information regarding this project.


UPDATE! – 14 June 2010

Bass Design Fundamentals is in the works, I have decided to add a lot
of great stuff and actually one of bonuses turned in great new product.

Of course it will be added to Bass Design Fundamental Video Course
but you will be able to purchase it before!!!!
Once Bass Design Fundamental Video Course is ready I will discount
what you paid for this new product!!!  Please stay in touch, more news soon !!!!


This course will contain Video lessons, printed material and audio files. Lot of material to have you occupied for quite time. Once you finish this course you will have skills and ability to design your own bass guitar or who knows, maybe design basses and build them as a pro. entire set of bass guitar design course by Jerzy Drozd With Bass Design Course Fundamentals you will learn all techniques and secrets I use when I design my own instruments. I used these techniques to design basses like Obsession series ( Legend, Sequel, Excellency Prodigy Le etc..), Barcelona or latest “no name yet” bass guitar. Here is some inside view of what you will learn with this unique Bass Design FUNDAMENTALS course: 1. Basic principles of structural driven and creativity driven parts of bass guitar design 2. Bridge positioning Principles 3. Headstock design techniques 4. Tuners placement 5. Body design techniques 6. Design scaling principles 7. Body&Headstock Fairing techniques 8. Pickup positioning secrets 9. Controls cavity design and knobs layout 10. Rear cavity design 11. printing 12. export to .dxf format 13. … and much more! 14. I will also add some extra stuff This course is addressed to those who wants learn bass design skills, with no previous skills needed. CAD software is used during this course but you do not need any special skills or CAD software knowledge, you will learn them with this course at your own pace. . Now probably you will have some questions to ask: What if I do not have CAD Software? Well, actually you do not need to have it in order to start first lesson. I include resources where you can get some great CAD software for few bucks and one of the best Pro CAD software I will show you, is 100% FREE! and 100% legal so it up to you which one you will choose, but for sure the software is not problem at all. I´m not computer geek, can I still learn with your course? Yes, in fact every lessons use universal techniques you can apply to, if you work with CAD programs or if you use old sheet of paper, table and pencil. ( actually this is the way I worked for years before CAD irruption.) . OK, this is just short introduction. Bear in mind that availability of this course will depend on how many of you are interested in learning these unique skills. I have created new poll, so please vote to let me know if you are really interested in it.

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. Please leave your comment too, I would love to hear your feedback, this could definitely help me to provide you with more stuff in the future!!! – – IMPORTANT UPDATE, 16 August 2009 I have received lot of emails from you regarding this Bass Design Course. Let me clarify one thing: This is Bass DESIGN course and  THIS   IS   NOT Bass BUILDING course. So in this course you will learn how to transform your bass idea in finished and printed bass guitar PLAN which later you will use for bass building. Bass BUILDING course is the next course I will work in near future and will depend on success of this Bass Design Course. So, in that next course you will learn how to work with woods: selection, preparation, gluing, cuting and shaping body, neck etc….. but THIS COURSE IS ABOUT DESIGNING not building ( however designing is the first stage of building). if you have more questions, just let me know. Thanks and talk later jerzy

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