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Oracle Silver

Oracle Silver 33" (838,2mm) scale, set-in neck, swamp ash body with black poplar burl, 3 piece ash&maple neck, Aguilar OBP-3 - 3 band active electronics, Jerzy Drozd JeDXS neodimium pickups Read More
Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature

Barcelona Carles Benavent Signaure

Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature 32" (812,8mm) scale,… Read More
Soul Bass Guitar


Soul bolt-on neck, swamp ash body, 3 piece ash&maple neck,… Read More

Barcelona bass guitar

Barcelona 33" (838,2mm) scale, set-in neck, swamp ash or… Read More

bass-guitar-designers-toolkit-dvdBass Guitar Designer´s Toolkit
by Jerzy Drozd
Design Your Own Bass Guitar in One Day or Less

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Caja-cuerdas-para-portada"Classics" Bass Guitar Strings
Available Now
For 34" and 35" scale instruments, 4 to 11 string sets

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Bass Guitar setup guideThe Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Bass Setup
by Jerzy Drozd
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