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Excellency 34" scale, swamp ash body with black poplar burl or figured maple top, 3 piece maple&ash bolt-on neck, maple fretboard, two JeDXS singgle coil split type pickups, Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, black hardware, available in 24, 28 and 36 fret version. Read More

Oracle Silver

Oracle Silver 33" (838,2mm) scale, set-in neck, swamp ash… Read More

Barcelona bass guitar

Barcelona 33" (838,2mm) scale, set-in neck, swamp ash or… Read More
Soul Bass Guitar


Soul bolt-on neck, swamp ash body, 3 piece ash&maple neck,… Read More

bass-guitar-designers-toolkit-dvdBass Guitar Designer´s Toolkit
by Jerzy Drozd
Design Your Own Bass Guitar in One Day or Less

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Caja-cuerdas-para-portada"Classics" Bass Guitar Strings
Available Now
For 34" and 35" scale instruments, 4 to 11 string sets

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Bass Guitar setup guideThe Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Bass Setup
by Jerzy Drozd
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