Legend Yves Carbonne Signature features


Optional features

  • 34" Scale
  • Bolt on neck
  • Thin Mandolin frets on fretted version
  • Mahogany body
  • Flammed maple one piece neck
  • Wooden pickup cover and knobs
  • Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
  • German spruce body top
  • Wooden bridge & tailpiece
  • Piezo bridge
  • Wooden pickup cover and knob

  • Abalone purfling
  • MIDI
  • Bird´s eye fretboard (fretted version)
  • Maccassar ebony fretboard (fretted version)
  • Variety of Inlays and purflings


        Legend Yves Carbonne Signature

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        yves-legend-XIILegend XII Yves Carbonne Signature is a direct result of close collaboration with great artist Yves Carbonne. We took original concept of Legend bass guitar and have added specific options and design solution specially adapted for Yves Carbonne vision of ERB instrument.

        As a result Legend Yves Carbonne Signature model represent totaly different concept when compared to original Legend bass.

        Mr. Carbonne has absolutley clear ideas about tone of his instrument and his Legend Yves Carbonne Signature instrument deliver that tone. Many of these ideas sounded a bit counterintuitive in standard way of thinking in bass guitar building industry, for example building 10 or 12 string one piece neck sound awkward if you compare it to multilaminate necks considered to be a must.

        Attaching that wide 12 string neck to hollow body with only 5 (!!!) screws seems insane too, given all that string tension.

        There are much more secret ideas and design solution inside this marvelous instrument you will not find elsewhere and the result went to be an extraordinary looking and sounding musical instrument.yves-legend-XII-2



        Listen to Yves Carbonne beuatiful playing and his Legend YC Signature bass on his solo albums which are available on iTunes, CD Baby or on CD.

        Yves Carbonne Seven Waves CD is available on ITunes here and on CD Baby here

        Yves Carbonne A Life CD is available on ITunes here and on CD Baby here



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        Legend Yves Carbonne Signature bass pecifications    
        String version  4 string 5 string 6 string  7 string 8 string 9 string 10 string 11 string 12 strings
        Scale 34"
        Standard Frets nº      Fretless with 41 fret positions or 41 thin mandolin frets; 1,3mm wide and 0,94mm high
        Is 24 fret version available? 
        Is 28 fret version available?       no 
        Is 36 fret version available?      no
        Body     mahogany
        Construction     bolton neck
        Neck     one piece flamed maple
        Headstock     Angled 8º grade; headstock top matching body top
        Fretboard     Ebony
        Fingerboard Radius     20" (508mm) up to 6 string and 90" (2286mm) 7 string instruments and above
        Inlays     2mm diameter side dots, Frontal 6mm diameter markers are optional
            upon request at no charge
        Nut     Ebony
        width at nut  38mm 45mm  52mm  59mm  66mm 75mm 82mm 90mm 95mm
        width at 24th fret  62mm 76mm 92mm 100mm  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a  
        Thickness 1st fret 20mm
        Thickness 12th fret 22mm
        Tuners     Hipshot Ultralite
        Bridge Jerzy Drozd propietary ebony bridge and tailpiece, adjustable (string spacing is not adjustable)
        Piezo Yes (RMC)
        strings spacing @ bridge 19mm 18,5mm 18mm  18mm  18mm  18mm  18mm 18mm 18mm
        Hardware color Gold
            JeDXS bass pickup - Jerzy Drozd split single coil type pickup + RMC pickups at bridge
        Electronics     Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp - 3 band
        Controls     Volume, Balance, Treble, Middle, Bass, Passive tone, Active/pasive switch and Mid
            frequency selector 400/800Hz
        Knobs     Wooden dome knobs, 18mm diameter
        Body finish     Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
        Neck finish     Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
        Strings     Jerzy Drozd CLASSICS strings 10-14-20-30-40-60-80-100-130-165-195
            (for 12 string version Labella strings are used)
        Case     4-7 string basses include light foam case, 8 strings and up include custom gig bag
        aproximate weight (*) 3,3kg
        3,6kg  3,9kg 4,2kg 4,5kg 4,8kg 5,1kg 5,4kg  5,7kg

        (*) these numbers are average for standard Legend Yves Carbonne Signature bass guitar and may vary depending on chosen woods and options

        • All features and specifications subject to change without notice.
        • Prices may vary depending on version, chosen finish and hardware.




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        Legend Yves Carbonne Signature bass is equiped with one magnetic pickup, piezo bridge and OBP-3 Aguilar preamp.
        Passive tone operates in passive and active mode as well. This layout allow you to play only with magnetic sound or accoustic sound (piezo) or blend them all together.



        Magnetic pickup

        Legend Yves Carbonne Signature bass pickup is based on our JeDXS design. This single coil, split design pickup gives great bright yet warm tone without any noise.

        Piezo pickup

        Piezo pickup installed inside of ebony bridge produce bright acoustic sound. Piezo bridge is available as standard option on all Legend Yves Carbonne Signature basses.


        OBP-3 from Aguilar company is our standard preamp for majority of our instruments. You can read more about this great preamp here


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        Yves Carbonne and Scott Pazera 
        Yves playing his Legend X Yves Carbonne Signature bass
        with Scott Pazera playing Sequel VI bass


        Yves Carbonne and Jeab Baudin
        Yves playing his Legend X Yves Carbonne Signature bass 



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