Carles Benavent ... A light you can hear


There’s a place where language becomes silence –the place of Poetry, and it’s a place where music dissolves into light. Searching for a glimpse of this light, we resort to records or, if the opportunity hopefully arises, to live concerts, so we can listen to Carles Benavent’s dazzling electric bass. This is a light which comes up from the lively Paral.lel Avenue in Barcelona, watched silently by the stern hill of Montjuïc, in combination with the invisible waters that flow over the streets of the Poble Sec quarter. A light fed by immigrant floods, by silence in the glasses of the Petit Paris tavern, where Serrat and Jaume Sisa used to laugh their heads off, as well as sing. And into this urban environment, too, our talented Prince of the Electric Bass was born. A wondrous electric bass player who never gives up, always re-inventing himself step by step. His steel was forged in the death rattles of 1968, and on each end of the Big Pond, in the legendary wake of Jaco Pastorius, along with the multicoloured flags of Paco de Lucía, Miles Davis, Camarón, Don Alias, Gil Goldstein, Chick Corea, and many others. This unprecedented electric bass playing, dotted with guitar chops, blurs the boundaries of jazz while being drenched in Flamenco blood. It maps, through improvisation, Brazilian spirit and African echoes and Latin stone, combining them all to engender a Fiesta, one we call Benavent, where our senses enter the harmonic arena of joy and complaint, of pain and dance, by the resonant light of the Tarot’s Two of Cups, which tells about love, upon that ancient surface where Heaven and Earth hold each other again. For this music discloses the origins that preceded any frontier, any name, any race; it draws together ancient sounds, the lively and multifaceted sounds of the dawn of the world, when the human soul was passionate laughter, and it could vibrate. This music, which is a river of fire, plays as much for the dreaming slave as for the master in decline, and seems to make out a new horizon, perhaps an unlikely one, where life will be an art. Again. 



Lorenna Del Mar

Translate by Luis Murillo Fort

Mr. Carles Benavent Artist Representacion: DEL MAR ARTISTS