Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature features at glance


Optional features

  • 32" Short scale 5 string bass
  • Lightweight (only 3kg for one pickup version)
  • Set-in neck construction
  • Thin Mandolin frets
  • Narrow spacing at bridge 14,3mm
  • 39mm wide nut
  • Swamp ash body
  • German spruce body top
  • Adjustable Wooden bridge
  • Wooden pickup covers and knobs
  • Beautiful neoclassic design and style
    • Cedar top
    • Variety of figured wood tops
    • Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
    • Piezo bridge
    • MIDI
    • Bird´s eye fretboard
    • Maccassar ebony fretboard
    • Two color tone bubinga fretboard
    • Variety of Inlays and purflings

Barcelona Carles Benavent Signaure

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... Where traditional meets contemporary music,
where classic meets neo style there is Barcelona ...




Carles Benavent Barcelona V with red cedar top, swamp ash body, gabon ebony fretboard, and one pickup layout with no controls

he Barcelona Bass guitar, beyond our OBSESSION series basses, was specifically designed for bass player Carles Benavent. In the beginning this instrument was not intended to be available widely to the public.
It is a semiacoustic bass with a sitka spruce top and two magnetic pickups. A beautiful mellow sound and mandolin size frets is what Carles asked for when I decided to make this bass for him.



It took lot of meetings with Carles in our shop in Barcelona in order to get that design.

With the help of Carles, I tried to design the instrument according to his previous basses and his very personal playing style, but it also had be different from what he played before now, so I blended it with my own philosophy and that bit of Neo style look.

The name Barcelona is a tribute to the town where both of us live.













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Set-In Neck



Fully Adjustable Wooden Bridge

barcelona-bass-guitar-adjustable-bridge100% adjustable bridge at intonation and string action, string spacing set to 14,3mm




on photo: Propietary bridge equiped with optional RMC piezo saddles



Ebony Pickguard

barcelona-bass-guitar-pickguardDetachable pickuard between double coil neck pickup and fretboard.









Flat (no radius) Fretboard

barcelona-bass-guitar-fretboardDetail of  Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature flat fretboard.









Two Different Pickup Configurations

barcelona-bass-guitar-one-pickupBarcelona Carles Benavent Signature is available in two pickup configurations:

1 PICKUP version

This is original version as Carles Benavent asked us, the pickup is located more in the middle of the body. This original pickup is humbucker double coil style.








on photo: Carles Benavent main axe with red cedar top, gabon ebony fretboard, swamp ash body with doublecoil pickup wired directly to output





 barcelona-bass-guitar-two-pickups2 PICKUPS version

Two pickups version with doublecoil humbucker pickup in neck position and hum canceling split coil pickup in bridge position









on photo: Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature bass with two pickups with german spruce top, spanish cedar body,macassar fretboard and optional Piezo saddles and MIDI system




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Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature specifications    
String version 5 string       
Scale 32" (812,8mm)
Standard Frets nº      24 mandolin frets; 1,35mm wide and 0,94mm high
Is 28 fret version available? 
Is 36 fret version available?
Body     swamp ash or spanish cedar
Construction     set-in neck construction
Neck     3 piece, maple and ash with thin wenge runners
Headstock     Angled 8º grade; headstock top may match body top upon request
Fretboard     Ebony
Fingerboard Radius     flat ( no radius)
Inlays     2mm diameter side dots, Frontal 6mm diameter markers are optional
    upon request at no charge
Nut     Ebony
width at nut  39mm
width at 24th fret  62mm
Thickness 1st fret 20mm
Thickness 12th fret 22mm
Tuners     Hipshot Ultralite
Bridge     Jerzy Drozd propietary wooden bridge, fully adjustable. strings thru body
strings spacing @ bridge 14,3mm
Standard Hardware color Chrome plated
    JeDXD bass picup - Jerzy Drozd double coil pickup or double and single coil type pickups
Electronics     Passive    (Aguilar OBP-3 active bass preamp - 3 band available as custom option)
Controls     Volume, Balance, Treble, Middle, Bass, Passive tone, Active/pasive switch and Mid
    frequency selector
Knobs     Wooden dome knobs, 18mm diameter
Body finish     Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
Neck finish     Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
Strings     Jerzy Drozd "Classics" 100-80-60-40-30 with Hi C
Case     high quality gig bag
weight (*) 3,1kg

(*) these numbers are average for standard Barcelona Carles Benavent Signature bass guitar and may vary depending on chosen woods and one pickup or two pickups version


  • All features and specifications subject to change without notice. last updated 1 December 2012
  • Prices may vary depending on version, chosen finish and hardware.



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Carles Benavent Barcelona V with red cedar top, swamp ash body, gabon ebony fretboard, and one pickup layout with no controls




Barcelona carles benavent signature 1

Carles Benavent Barcelona V with flamed eucalyptus top, swamp ash body, gabon ebony fretboard, and one pickup layout with no controls





Carles Benavent Barcelona V with german spruce top, spanish cedar body, macassar ebony fretboard, and two pickups layout with Piezo bridge , MIDI, 5 knobs and 2 switches control layout





Carles Benavent Barcelona V with eucalyptus top, swamp ash body, gabon ebony fretboard, two pickups layout with OBP-3 preamp and 5 knobs control layout




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Chick Corea The Ultimate Adventure, Live in Barcelona 2007

Carles Benavent playing his Barcelona V Signature with Jorge Pardo and Tino Di Geraldo

Carles Benavent solo with his Barcelona V Signature


Carles Benavent Ensamble

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