Designing and building the finest instruments: Mr. Jerzy Drozd devotes each day of his life to this ideal.
The result: masterpieces widely recognized for their peerless technical perfection and jewelry grade beauty.
Unique creations with such superior sound, comfortability, light weight and responsive touch that they enchant the most demanding players.

Those whose dream is to own and play the finest musical instrument, these are our clients.

oracle v buckeye made to order

Order your custom made JERZY DROZD 

If you are interested in ordering a custom built JERZY DROZD creation, please address to We will gladly advise you on all aspects required: which series and model is the best for you; what wood species are a perfect match for the sound qualities you are looking for; we will even assist you in your choice of finishes and options that undoubtedly will make your JERZY DROZD a completely personal instrument.

* Please consult JERZY DROZD Catalogue before making your enquiries, you will find there current specifications and prices for all JERZY DROZD standard models

Complimentary shipping worlwide

Shipping is complimentary for any instrument acquired or ordered directly through JERZY DROZD. Directly from The Castle to your home with no extra costs, no matter where you are in the world.




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