At Your Whim

More than 30 years of craftmanship and skill materialise into uniqueness objects created by Mr. Jerzy Drozd for you only. Body shapes, woods, colours from lively and bright to flowing and free, headstocks, bridge plates… From hardware to woodwork, every little piece will meet your requirements.

At Your Whim: three words that embody your opportunity to see your personal idea of what the dreamed instrument must look like, carried out, with strong attention to detail, by master luthier Jerzy Drozd.

Personalized instrument design and manufacturing

For we believe that in tending to the whim, in favouring the titillating, alluring sparkle of that which belongs to you only, you will be able to really call your instrument your own.

To order your personalized designed instrument, At Your Whim, designed and built by master Jerzy Drozd for you, please address

We will be pleased to assist and guide you in your project.