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BARCELONA Collection

The noble design of the Barcelona collection fascinates with its clear, purist lines
that speak of modern while turn an enchanted and nostalgic gaze on the past.
True icon of JERZY DROZD firm, our Barcelona has already become a must for the most exquisite shops
all over the world and for the most demanding customers, who insist on the best.
A glance is all it takes to make out the unmistakable style that characterizes all Barcelona instruments, immediately recognisable by their beautiful shape with neoclassical influences.

In a perfect balance of technique and art, the Barcelona collection combines classical forms, such as flat fretboard, short scale and adjustable wooden bridge, with a modern light-as-air structure and the latest technical innovations. The JERZY DROZD neodymium magnetic pickups, active or passive, in one or two pickups layout, alone or in conjunction with the JERZY DROZD Copperstone preamp, piezo bridge or MIDI system, in different and customizable configurations, multiply the sound resources and interpretive possibilities of these outstanding instruments.
From the Classic, trough the Carles Benavent model, to the little Piccolo and the luxury Aura and Sphairos, all Barcelona models, with the exception of one - the solid body concept Barcelona Étude - share the hollow body characteristic of semiacoustic instruments.

The Barcelona collection is the perfect mix of elegant, timeless design and the high demands that contemporary musicians expect from a 21st century musical instrument.

The Barcelona collection is the answer to those looking for an extraordinary instrument, unique and exclusive, willing to explore different sound possibilities.


There is one Barcelona for each musician: flamenco and jazz players, guitarists who want to play and record his own bass guitar lines; the Barcelona collection will sure capture the heart of any classical instruments lover who seeks a distinctive, warm, wooden sound; the Aura and Sphairos models will send collectors into transports of epicurean delights…

Like every JERZY DROZD creation, Barcelona instruments are conceived to be bespoke; each detail, even the most subtle, can be personalised to embody the perfect companion for the visionary seeking new horizons and a virgin soil where life can be an art, again.
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