The Alchemy of Sound

The Definitive Sound Bible for: Bass Players, Retailers and Luthiers
(The Master Class)

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Never Revealed Secrets of Sound and how to use them to:
  • Understanding Better The Sound of Your Own Bass Guitar
  • Help yourself in the right Choice of a New Instrument
  • Recommend to Your Customers Better Instrument Based on Particular Needs
  • Build Bass Guitar with Sound Quality Expected by Design

What The Alchemy of Sound really is?

The Master Class attendees discuss the event:

Tomas"I have attended the Master Class and I must say that I found it interesting. It is true that rarely have the opportunity to learn from a luthier with such extensive experience. From the class, when I look now I see concepts seemed abstract for me before.
From the Master Class I've noticed that certain concepts that seemed abstract or assumed in advance, now become important in modulating the voice of an instrument (amazing how much content  can give just 2 hours!).

Jerzy Congratulations and many thanks for your kindness."

Tomas Vilches Luthier
Oriol“Sincere congratulations for this Master Class. It was a pleasure to hear, masterfully solved questions that previously seemed impossible to locate. Many thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

The Master Class was a very special day, a privilege I will not forget. Sometime I feel that wondered over the account, I did not mean to disturb, is pure curiosity and devotion to this instrument building world.

The more I learn, the more I see open doors and questions answered. It's very exciting. "

Oriol Blanc

The Alchemy of Sound

Never ever before had been published a DVD like this
which reveal the closely guarded secrets by
master luthiers about the nature of the sound.

With an entertaining clear and simple language, the renowned luthier Jerzy Drozd explains for the first
time physical factors that determine the final sound not only of electric bass, but of all stringed instruments,
whether electric or acoustic A unique and systematic theory developed through
his 25 year career If you are bass player you've raised on more than one occasion issues as:

  • What is the most appropriate bass guitar for me in terms of the sound I'm looking for?
  • Should I get a bass with bolt-on or neck-through design instriument? Or maybe even set-in?

This Master Class on DVD repond to all these and many other questions. This DVD is essential for all bassists
and for any musician interested learn to correctly choose his own instrument It is also a valuable tool for marketers
who want to effectively advise their clients. And, of course is essential to any luthier who wants to build
instruments with superior sound quality and avoid the long years of testing and errors that
usually happen to come to understand by practicing these principles.

In this DVD  Master Class you will discover:

  1. The Only Two Unique Factors that determine the sound of an instrument
       All the richness of sound of stringed instruments (bass, guitars, violins,mandolas,etc ...)
       depends only on two factors. Jerzy reveals you what it is.

  2. The Secret Formula to calculate the sonic properties of the wood
        This formula allow you to calculate with accuracy impossible until now, sound properties.
        You can determine the characteristics of the wood before using it in the construction of you rinstrument.

   3. The 7 Principles of Sound

        Jerzy will give you 7 simple rules to help you choose or build the instrument that responds to the sound you're after.

  4. Primary and Secondary Sound Generators and what it is

         All elements of a stringed instrument influence one way or another in sound,
         but are just a few that produce it. Jerzy find out what they are.

5. “Floating Neck” theory
Itis NOT always good that the neck is rigidly bolted to the body.
         In many cases it is even inappropriate. Want to know why? 

"Perfect Imperfection"  Theory     
The literature, paint and sculpture geniuses had found that perfection is not synonymous of beauty.
        Jerzy has applied this premise to the field of sound and now he reveal all keys of "Perfect Imperfection".


The Dreaded "Dead Spots" and how to avoid them*)
       There's an easy and simple method to calculate where to place the pickups on a bass guitar to avoid
        deadspots. Jerzy will teach you how to do it.

       *)This method will not solve your dead spots problems in existing instruments which has to be handled differently.

The Grand Enigma of wood seasoning
        Do you really think that seasoning of wood consist simply inremoving the water? Actually, it is not.
         Jerzy shows you what it is, and the true importance of this process.


9. The real influence of the instrument's finish         
All luthiers seems to disagree with this issue. Some say a thick varnish gives a bright sound,
           others that it gives dull. Jerzy is very clear about this, and "Alchemy of Sound" proves it.

The true reason why the bass with bolt-on and neck-through construction sounds so different          
            There have been poured a lot of words about this, but nobody has been able to explain exactly why
          these two types of construction sound so different.  Jerzy, based on physical laws, describes what option is best for you,
          depending on the sound you're looking for.



La Alquimia Del Sonido
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