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We are not talking about buying a used JERZY DROZD

we talk about the acquisition of a genuine JERZY DROZD


Purchasing a JERZY DROZD creation which value hinges not only on its beauty and technical perfection, but also on its one of a kind piece condition, should always be an exceptional experience, regardless of its age. That is why only the finest previously-owned JERZY DROZD creations attain the HIGH SOCIETY insignia.

JERZY DROZD HIGH SOCIETY is a collection of the finest previously-owned JERZY DROZD creations. For those whose desire for a JERZY DROZD is authentic, HIGH SOCIETY insignia means emotion without worries: pure emotion experienced by accesing JERZY DROZD universe through the acquisition of a genuine JERZY DROZD, with full guarantees, comfort and without needing to worry about it condition. This because each JERZY DROZD HIGH SOCIETY...

Offers the reassurance of an independently checked and transparent history

Is meticulously inspected by master Jerzy Drozd, who created the instrument

Is restored by master Jerzy Drozd, using genuine JERZY DROZD parts

Is delivered recently adjusted, according to purchaser requirements and environmental conditions of the place it will be taken

Is professionally prepared with the same case and accessories that brings a new JERZY DROZD, to ensure it arrives looking its best

Comes with its own Certificate of Origin: all of the characteristics of the JERZY DROZD creation and its legal owner are stated on it

The purchaser is inscribed on the Certificate of Origin and JERZY DROZD archives as the legitimate proprietor of the JERZY DROZD creation

The new legitimate proprietor becomes a JERZY DROZD client and enjoys the same exclusive advantages that our JERZY DROZD clients enjoy 

Benefits for a minimum Three years HIGH SOCIETY Warranty and one year complimentary JERZY DROZD mainenance and care servicing




No High Society Creations are available at this moment

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HIGH SOCIETY puts at your disposal

the finest previously owned JERZY DROZD

Should you desire to acquire a JERZY DROZD HIGH SOCIETY or if you want to sell your JERZY DROZD,