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Exceptional Creations

Unique Instruments Born From Jerzy Drozd Hands

In an era marked by depersonalized seriality, where all objects are, in their homogeneous indistinction, the same object - for it is their particular glitter what is forbidden; in such an era, JERZY DROZD shines because of its daring commitment: you will not find two similar, interchangeable, duplicate instruments; each is exceptional and distintc. The difference, the matchless hallmark of each final outcome is what glitters; as each instrument which is born from Jerzy Drozd hands is - as indispensable requirement for its characteristics - beginning and end of itself, that is, unique.


Explore Available Creations


You can admire here a selection of the most recent creations of the luthier Jerzy Drozd. All these are available for acquisition and immediate delivery. The value of these creations hinges not only on its beauty and technical perfection, but also on their one of a kind pieces condition