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JERZY DROZD Barcelona VI Piccolo #56111

Short scale 30" Barcelona bass guitar with Haliotis Iris body purfling, redwood body top and custom fretboard inlay work.

Discover JERZY DROZD Barcelona VI Piccolo ref.56111

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JERZY DROZD Barcelona VI Piccolo
Collection: Barcelona, Model: Barcelona VI, Reference: 56111

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Set in neck
6 strings
30" scale

24 standard frets
Fraxinus americana body
Sequoia sempervirens body top
5 piece Bird´s eye and flamed Acer saccharum neck
Diospyros crassiflora nut
Diospyros celebica fretboard & pickguard
'Colibri' inlay work on fretboard

Gold plated hardware
Light alloy&wood JERZY DROZD bridge
Light alloy JERZY DROZD back plate
JeD5XS v3.2 pickups with Sequoia sempervirens covers
JERZY DROZD Sequoia sempervirens knobs
Piezo bridge
MIDI system

Volume, BlendPassive tone
UP/DOWN switch  for Synth
Bass/Mix/Synth switch
Haliotis Iris JERZY DROZD emblem & body purfling
JERZY DROZD Velvet satin finish
Weight 3,6kg
Sequoia sempervirens body top, pickups and knobs

Piezo bridge

MIDI system

Haliotis Iris JERZY DROZD emblem & body purfling

'Colibri' inlay work on fretboard