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Interchangeable 3 Band Bass Guitar Preamp

interchangeable 3 Band Bass Guitar Preamp

Replace your COPPERSTONE preamp without soldering for another one with different sound caracteristics.
Get always the powerful sound you need. Up to +9dB gain boost.
Up to 3 different mid tone frequencies to play with.
COPPERSTONE runs longer than most preamps on a single 9v battery.
COPPERSTONE reduced dimensions makes it one of the smallest preamps available today.

Order the custom COPPERSTONE that better matches your desired tone.
COPPERSTONE is compatible with the majority of the active and passive pickups available on the market.

Install your prewired COPPERSTONE mostly without soldering.
The optional FLAME module will let you know when to replace the battery when it gets low.


State of the Art
interchangeable 3 Band Bass Guitar Preamp

Configure & Order Your Copperstone Now

Configure & Order Your Copperstone Now

Configure & Order Your Copperstone Now

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Free your Tone

COPPERSTONE interchangeable 3 Band Bass Guitar Preamp frees your instrument from being attached to one tone. Now, if your tone needs to change, you can replace your COPPERSTONE at will.

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COPPERSTONE is a beautifully crafted, compact and replaceable 3 band bass guitar preamp, designed
by Jerzy Drozd and manufactured in THE CASTLE.

COPPERSTONE is the preamp installed on all JERZY DROZD creations equipped with active electronics
Now it is available to be installed in any bass guitar regardless of its manufacturer.

COPPERSTONE, smartly engineered into a small footprint, is easy to install
into the bass guitar of your choice.

Besides its exclusive characteristic, interchangeability, this 3 band bass guitar preamp delivers
up to 9dB gain boost and can be configured with up to 3 different midrange selectable frequencies,
passive tone and active/passive mode among others.

COPPERSTONE produces a powerful tone with warm lows. Its 3 midrange selectable frequencies
provide different usable medium tone variations, while the treble control serves a crisp and clear sound.

COPPERSTONE is beautifully crafted compact replaceable 3 band bass guitar preamp designed by Jerzy Drozd
and manufactured in THE CASTLE. This is the same bass guitar preamp we do install in all JERZY DROZD creations
equiped with active electronics. COPPERSTONE smartly enginered into small footprint makes it possible for easy install
without soldering into bass guitar of your choice.

Besides it´s unique caracteristic - interchangeability, this 3 band bass guitar preamp can deliver up to 9dB gain boost
and can be configured with up to 3 different mid range selectable frequencies, passive tone and active/passive mode among others..

COPPERSTONE produce powerful tone with warm lows, while 3 midrange selectable frequencies will allow you to have many
different usable medium tone variations while treble control serve crisp and clear tone.

COPPERSTONE can be expanded with our electronic modules like FLAME, QUARZ and MIDI to bring even more sound posibilities
to your JERZY DROZD creation or any other bass guitar of your choice.

Beautifully crafted, smartly engineered
Beautifully crafted, smartly engineered

COPPERSTONE can be configured with 3 different mid frequency variations:

- single fixed frequency eg.: 350Hz
- two switchable frequencies eg.: 350Hz/700Hz using 2 way toggle switch
- tree switchable frequencies eg.: 350Hz/700Hz/900Hz using 3 way toggle switch

More over, besides standard frequencies available for COPPERSTONE, you can configure
your custom COPPERSTONE preamp with different frequencies to suits your needs.

Up to 3 Different switchable medium frequencies
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In its basic setup, COPPERSTONE is adjusted as a unity gain device, where the input signal remains
the same as the output signal. This means that active and passive signals will remain the same
when EQ is set flat on all the tree bands. However, it is possible to boost the gain of COPPERSTONE
up to +9dB if necessary, specially if pickups signal is not enough to drive the first stage of amplification.

Adjustable Gain
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COPPERSTONE is one of the smallest bass guitar preamps available today.

COPPERSTONE is one of the smallest bass guitar preamps available today.



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COPPERSTONE operates on current as low as 0,84mA which represent mostly half of current consumed by other commercialy available bass guitar preamps. The minimum voltage necessary to power COPPERSTONE is 3.8V, very low compared to the minimum of 5v or even 7v for other similar devices.
While batttery with a voltage of 5V will be considered "dead" for other preamps, COPPERSTONE will still be capable to squeeze it down to just 3.8 volts with impresive 70% performance. These factors among others make this unique bass preamp to stand out in terms of energy efficiency, which translates in less battery consumption, less vaste and, lastly in a lower operational cost.

Energy Efficient & Environmentally friendly
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COPPERSTONE connects to the baseboard through two 12 pin inline connectors. The additional trim potentiometer, located on the right upper corner of the baseboard, allows for up to 9dB gain adjustment.

COPPERSTONE´s baseboard is an important piece of the COPPERSTONE system. The baseboard allows fast and easy COPPERSTONE preamps replacement. Due to its reduced dimensions (24mm x33mm), the baseboard will fit inside the majority of the bass guitar's electronics cavities. The baseboard can be installed at the bottom or on the wall of the electronics cavity using double stick tape..

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One united wire harness connects every component together via 30 pin connector to the COPPERSTONE´S baseboard making installation or replacement of wire harness/baseboard fast and easy.

Solderless version allows you to connect the entire system without soldering. Pickups are connected via terminal blocks on blend potentiometer module. The output jack is connected with push-on terminals..
Soldered version pickups blend module does not have solderless block terminals and output jack does not have solderless push-on terminals thus soldering is necessary. All other elements like potentiometers, selector and battery clip are prewired in both cases.

Solderless and soldered version

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For active or passive pickups

COPPERSTONE interchangeable 3 band bass guitar preamp can be installed on any bass guitar equipped with active or passive pickups.

Flame is a discrete electronic device. This litlle module monitors your battery
status and will flash when battery drops its voltage below the desired level

- Long: 28mm
- Wide: 18mm
- High: 8.3mm
- Weight: 9.7g
- Cover plate: Phosphor bronze
- Connection: 24 pins

- Active/Passive Mode Selector (optional)
- Mid Freq. 2 or 3 way Toggle Switch (optional)
- Passive Tone (optional)

- Master Volume
- Pickups Blend
- Treble
- Mid
- Bass

Frequency response:
- Bass: +/- 16.8dB @ 50Hz
- Midrange: +/- 16.8 dB @ 380Hz, 750Hz Up to 3 selectable frequencies
- Treble: +/- 16dB @ 6.0 KHz
- Gain adjustment: 0dB to +9dB
- Frequency range: 18 Hz - 20 KHz
- Input Impedance: 500kOhm
- Output Impedance: 100 Ohm
- Power consumption: 840uA
- Operating voltage: maximum 18v down to 3.5V , one or two 9v alcaline batteries
- Single 9v battery life: Estimated at more than 600 hours

Optional Expansion Module
Technical Details
Dimensions & Weight
COPPERSTONE Specifications

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

2 Year Warranty

Try COPPERSTONE 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund 100% of the purchase price.

Enjoy 2 years of hassle-free guarantee included with every JERZY DROZD electronic product