Only a master luthier who routinely deal with valuable instruments, has the rigour and know-how required to care and restore your instrument

Look at these bewitching scenery from the Alt Emporda, land of passage, north of the Costa Brava. Here you will find, in all its hidden mystery, this old water mill that is called The Castle. The Castle is the refuge and fortress where instruments heal their wounds: this place whose name, THE BIRD RESTORE CENTRE, the traveler already knows, and whose motto spells the tireless hours used to return to life many tired strings. The instrument offers his wounds to the hands that heal and rescue it from oblivion; spell-bound love who knows to listen its pale lament, and, with loving care, brings it back to the sea of sounds.

Born of Ms. Lorenna Del Mar and master luthier Jerzy Drozd - heart of the house JERZY DROZD, the union of two talents whose vision and creativity created a new language in lutherie art - desire to offer private owners as well as technicians, retailers, music stores and institutions the possibility to experience the excellence of JERZY DROZD service, at THE BIRD RESTORE CENTRE master luthier Jerzy Drozd takes care, mantains, repairs, restores, upgrades, embellishes... the most precious guitars, bass guitars, mandolas, mandolines..., electric and acoustic instruments coming from the most diverse corners of the world and of all brands and builders.