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JERZY DROZD Signature IX 28 #43907

Bespoke Obsession Signature IX with 28 fret body, buckeye burl top and ´Quo Vadis´art inlay. 

Discover JERZY DROZD Signature IX 28 ref.43907

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JERZY DROZD Signature IX 28
Collection: Obsession, Model: Signature IX 28, Reference: 43907

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Neck through
9 strings
34" scale

28 frets
Aesculus spp. burl body top
Cedrela odorata body

15 piece Acer saccharum, Millettia laurentii, Peltogyne and Guibourtia neck
Diospyros crassiflora nut
Acer saccharum Diospyros celebica fretboard
Acer saccharum fretboard binding
'Quo Vadis' art inlay made from Haliotis Iris

Gold plated hardware
Bronze alloy JERZY DROZD bridge and tailpiece
Wooden back plate
JeD9XS v3.2 pickups with Aesculus spp. covers
JERZY DROZD Aesculus spp. knobs
Piezo bridge

Aguilar OBP-3 preamp
Volume, Balance, Mag/Piezo blend Treble, Middle, Low
Acer saccharum JERZY DROZD emblem
JERZY DROZD 'Velvet' satin finish
Weight - not specified