Excellency Bass Guitar

General information

... Searching for unmached playability and of course big & killer sound
in one bolt-on bass guitar? Here you have just the answer
to all your Needs...


Excellency VI (6 strings) with black poplar burl top, optional pasive tone, active/pasive switch and Mid frequency switch

Excellency IV (4 strings) with flamed maple top and "WAVE" black poplar burl body inlay, optional pasive tone, active/pasive switch and Mid frequency switch

The Excellency™ bass is our most complete bolt-on bass. With its nice zebrawood top, ebony fretboard, great OBP-3 electronics, and of course our new JeDXS pickups, this bass is suitable for any style and offers a nice look, great playability, and a great tone.
What´s more, you can customize this bass in a number of ways---different body tops, upgradable electronics, JeDXD pickups, inlays (even your own custom inlays!), 24, 28 or 36 fret body shaps, and more...
You decide the final sound and look of your Excellency™bass. Please take a look at the Bass Extravaganza page to choose the most incredible body top woods.
Read Excellency bass review what German magazine "Gitarre & Bass" has to say about our Excellency™ bass.


JERZY DROZD Excellency Bass Guitar specifications are available insied of JERZY DROZD Catalogue available in "Collections" section, please register or login. JERZY DROZD Catalogue is available for online view or as downloadable pdf file.