Example of fretless 7 string Legend bass guitar with piezo bridge, MIDI, flamed redwood top, custom inlay hi gloss finish
and 28 fret body version

he Legend™ bass was designed as a multiple solution for the most demanding bass players whose techniques go beyond the standard magnetic pickup sound and 24-fret neck.

The precisely carved hollow body cavity adds the characteristic acoustic sound to this unique bass.

Our new JeDXS pickups along with RMC piezo saddles and of course the optional RMC MIDI pickup system will remove the barriers on your musical expressiveness.

Now you have the possibility to switch from magnetic to acoustic or even synthesized sound or simply blend them all in your own way.

The extended range neck makes this bass perfectly suitable for extended chord and tapping playing techniques and is a nice option for extended fretless bass players.

Its exquisite design with our exclusive "Bird" sound hole makes this concept bass really unique.