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... Oracle bass is our latest creation inside of our bass guitar line. It was created specialy to offer you great playability and wide varitey of sounds within lightweight 33" scale instrument ...

The Oracle bass guitar has it´s own unique caracter with diferent sound variation than Obsession series. What you will note soon is it´s light weigh
which not only contribute to great playability but also to the sound.

The easy access to upper frets, great ergonomic in sitting or standing position and of course the sound will make a joy playing this unique instrument.

We have decided for 33" scale for this bass to make it´s sound caracteristics unique and to make the whole neck playable without any restrictions. If you are used to play long 35" scale basses you will feel difference on the first sight.

El Oracle™ is our response for bass guitar focused on great playability and great ergonomic. If you spend long hours playing and giging and you need lightweight and easy to play instrument then Oracle bass guitar is for you.

Due to it´s dual pickup position we also created unique thumbrest so you can feel confortable along entire space between fretboard and pickups.

Our two JeDXS single coil split pickups are wired in series/paralel for exquisite soundings.




 Set-In neck





24 and 26 Fret Versions

As our Oracle Gold and Oracle Silver instruments Oracle Bronze is available in two: 24 frets and 26 frets versions.



Fully Adjustable Proprietary Wooden Bridge


Our Proprietary bridge is made from wood with aluminium separators, it´s 100% adjustable in intonation, heigh and string to string spacing

Piezo version is available as an extra option







Thumbrest and Ramp

oracle-bronze-bass-guitar-rampDetachable thumbrest between double coil and triple coil pickup and fretboard are available, also detachable thumbrest and ramp between standard JeDXS pickups are available as well.  You can choose wood species for both ramp and thumbrest.






Thumbrest on Oracle Bronze bass with doublecoil pickup









Flat (no radius) Fretboard


For our entire Oracle series we have opted for flat fretboard.










Different Pickups Configurations

 JeDXS neodimium pickups also double coil and triple coil pickups are available.


oracle-bronze-bass-guitar-jedxs-pickupsVersion with JeDXS singlecoil split type pickups









oracle-bronze-thumbrest-doublecoilVersion with doublecoil JeDXS pickup









Aguilar OBP-3 Preamp


Oracle Bronze bass guitar comes equiped with Aguilar OBP-3 3 band preamp with following controls:

  • Master Volume
  • Pickups Blend
  • Treble
  • Mid
  • Low

Optionally following controls are available for OBP-3 preamp configuration:

  • Active/Passive switch
  • Mid Frequency switch
  • Passive Tone



Custom Option - Flex Core Preamp

Flex Core 4 band preamp from Mike Pope is available as extra option. Flex Core preamp is probably one of the most versatile and flexible preamps available today. It offers more than 10 expansion modules to match your needs.
Our standard Mike Pope Flex Core layout is as follow:

  • Master Volume
  • Pickups Blend
  • Passive Tone
  • Treble
  • Hi Mid Frequency
  • Low Mid Frequency
  • Low
  • Active/Passive switch
  • Hi Mid Frequency switch
  • Lo Mid Frequency switch
  • Kill (standby) switch

This is very complete and flexible sound vise layout, yet you can ask us to customize Flex Core layout to meet your particular needs.



Oracle Bronze bass guitar specifications    
String version  4 string   5 string   6 string    7 string     8 string     9 string     10 string     11 string  
Scale 33"
Standard Frets nº     24 medium frets; 2,13mm wide and 0,99mm high
Is 26 fret version available? Yes
Is 28 fret version available?
Is 36 fret version available? No
Body    Swamp ash
Body Top    Not available
Construction    Set-in neck
Neck    3 piece, maple, ash and thin wenge runners
Headstock    Angled 8º grade; swamp ash headstock top
Fretboard    Standard: Maple, Also as Custom option: Padouk, Ebony, Macassar Ebony, Bubinga
Fingerboard Radius    Flat (no radius)  Custom option: 20" radius (508mm)
Inlays    2mm diameter side dots, Frontal 6mm diameter markers are optional
   upon request at no charge
Nut    Ebony
width at nut  40mm 45mm  52mm  54mm  n/a n/a n/a n/a
width at 24th fret  62mm 76mm 92mm 100mm  n/a  n/a  n/a  n/a
Thickness 1st fret 20mm
Thickness 12th fret 22mm
Tuners Hipshot Ultralite
Bridge Jerzy Drozd propietary Oracle wooden bridge, fully adjustable
strings spacing @ bridge 19mm 17mm 17mm  17mm  n/a  n/a  n/a n/a 
Hardware color Chrome
    JeDXS bass picups - Jerzy Drozd split single coil type pickups
Electronics     Aguilar OBP-3 active preamp - 3 band
Controls     Volume, Balance, Treble, Middle, Bass
Knobs     Wooden dome knobs, 18mm diameter
Body finish     Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
Neck finish     Poliurethane/ Acrilic satin finish
Strings     Jerzy Drozd "Classics"
Case     4-7 string basses include light foam case, 8 strings and up include gig bag
weight (*) 4 string
5 string
6 string
7 string
8 string
9 string
10 string
11 string

(*) these numbers are average for standard Oracle Bronze and may vary depending on chosen woods and body version (24 or 26 fret version)


  • All features and specifications subject to change without notice.
  • Prices may vary depending on version, chosen finish and hardware.




For more views of Oracle please check right column gallery "ORACLE VIEWS"





Sergio Di Finizio playing  Jerzy Drozd Oracle VI Bronze Fretless