Standard interchangeable COPPERSTONE - 3 band bass guitar preamp

295,00 € each

The Interchangeable COPPERSTONE is our flagship 3 band bass guitar preamp.
This interchangeable version was designed to be installed without soldering. This version includes the following components:

This package includes:

1) Interchangeable COPPERSTONE 3 band preamp
2) Base Board for COPPERSTONE with 30-pin connector
3) Integrated wiring cables with a 30-pin connector and terminal connectors for jack output
4) Potentiometers with fast connectors: Master Volume, Blend, Treble, Mid, Bass
5) 3-way mid selector switch with frequency set to 250Hz/500Hz/1000Hz
6) Output jack
7) Battery clip

This package does NOT include:
Additional modules available:
1) Active/passive switch
2) Passive tone
3) FLAME - battery monitor
4) QUARTZ- B  piezo preamp (acoustic sound)
5) MORPH-B  midi capabilities

To learn more about the COPPERSTONE please visit the COPPERSTONE 3 band bass guitar preamp page.
You can also configure your custom COPPERSTONE bass preamp here.
The installation instructions are downloadable from our website in this link.