piezo bridge

JERZY DROZD Piezo Bridge

If there is a way of making bass guitar sound more bright and vivid that´s piezo pickups. This kind of pickup transmit instrument sound in very different manner. Instead of magnetic field, piezo catch vibration of the instrument and transduce it into electrical signal. For that reason piezo pickups are located at bridge in most cases, giving that distinctive acoustic sound.

We use our own high quality JERZY DROZD piezo transducers. Each individual pickup is located beneath each string so there is as many piezo pickups as strings on given bass. Furthermore, these piezo pickups can be used to create synthesized sounds through MIDI layout, another custom option available for any of Jerzy Drozd creations.


Piezo pickups are available on all Jerzy Drozd instruments as follows:


  • Soul - extra option
  • Excellency - extra option
  • Signature - extra option
  • Prodigy LE - standard option included
  • Sequel - extra option
  • Legend - extra option
  • Legend Yves Carbonne Signature - standard option included

 ORACLE series

  • Oracle Bronze - extra option
  • Oracle Silver - extra option
  • Oracle Gold - extra option


  • Barcelona - extra option
  • Barcelona Piccolo - extra option
  • Barcelona Carles Benaven Signature - extra option