Yves Carbonne

Yves Carbonne is an explorer , researcher and innovator in the field of bass guitar. 
He plays 8 and 10-string sub-basses, which allow him to extend the range of this instrument- The approach that he has developed makes complete use of the potential of his instruments. The tones that he produces are highly diverse and with a range similar to that of a piano, thus producing compositions that are rich in melody. His musical career and experience make him an accomplished artist, and he performs as a soloist as well as a top-class accompanist. Yves Carbonne actually plays Legend X YC and Legend XII YC basses with 10 and 12 strings respectively.
The Jerzy Drozd Legend XII YC fretless 12 string sub-bass was completed in December of 2006. It has 41positions and is tuned on fourths from B00 (15.44 hertz) to Gb (369.99 hertz). The sub-bass tuning, which was developed by Yves Carbonne is one full octave below electric bass guitar. The B00, and E0 strings are tuned one full octave below standard 4, 5, and 6 string electric basses. The idea was to be able to play electric bass parts one full octave lower, while using the same fingering as a standard tuned bass guitar.
To date, the Jerzy Drozd Legend X YC and the Legend XII YC are the only two fretless extended range sub-basses in the world. Currently, Carbonne is the only sub-bassist to play 10 and 12 string fretless sub-basses.
Yves Carbonne main bass is Legend X custom Legend XII and he is currently performing: 
Duet with harmonica player Laurent Maur
or with Dominique Di Piazza www.dominiquedipiazza.com
Trio with Michael Manring, Dominique Di Piazza or quartet with drummer Alex Acuna (Weather report) 
Thanks to Yves’ strong teaching background, his master classes allow beginners as well as experienced bass players to familiarize themselves with the different original techniques developed with the aid of ERB instruments (Extended Range Bass), as well as with the bass player’s different functions (rhythmics & solo)
Selected Discography:
2005 : Carbonne-DiPiazza-Manring (P. Lissart)
2006 : The Fusion Project (Great Winds-Musea)
2007 : Seven Waves
2009 : A Life


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